I offer three basic types of sessions, though we can also work together to put together a custom session.

ASSEMBLIES: If possible, I prefer them broken up into two sessions. K-2 and 3-5. (Or if your school goes through 6th grade, K-3 and 4-6.) With a PowerPoint, I talk about my career making books for kids. It is heavier on the illustration part, but I get into my writing process as well.  I like to finish with Q&A and a drawing demonstration. Because the size of the assembly, sometimes teachers will collect questions ahead of time and put them on pieces of paper which I will randomly select. Or a teacher can moderate the questions/questioning. But I am also open to just calling on kids in the audience.


PRESENTATIONS: These are generally classroom presentations. Sometimes 2 or 3 combined classes. Similar to assemblies I have a PowerPoint about my career, Q&A, and a drawing demonstration. Which we can make so the kids can draw along.


WORKSHOPS: Workshops can be illustration driven or writing driven or, my favorite, both. I prefer working with the older grades (4 and 5) with these workshops but can modify for younger kids.

Please query for fees, events not during normal school hours, longer sessions, or custom requests.